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  • PARANA AQUAIUM ( Corrientes, Argentina )

    PROJECT Master Plan, 2012.Public aquarium for Corriente City, located on the coast of the Parana River. The site presents large trees that were respected and used as a main attraction. The concept is based on the main local ecosystems of the Parana River, the Ibera lagoons and estuaries.The aquarium building is proposed as a three story structure with a green roof. The Life Support Systems are located at an underground level, the exhibits/aquariums at the ground level and the maintenance and operational activities at a second level. More
  • ALUXES, ECOPARQUE PALENQUE (Palenque, Chiapas, México)

    PROJECT Concept Plan, February 2006 "Aluxes, Ecoparque Palenque" is a wildlife park located in the tropical rain forests of Chiapas, only 3 Km from the ancient Mayan city of Palenque. The park program includes research and conservation facilities. It also has interpretive trails with live flora and fauna exhibits. The site presents several water courses and a secondary forest with some mature trees. More

    PROJECTConcept Plan, Master Plan, Detailed Design, Construction Observation, January 2009. Located inside the Buin Zoo, 20 minutes from Santiago de Chile City.With a capacity for 780 visitors seated, the concept is based on the simulation of a fisherman's wooden dock. The scene includes a real 18 meter long old fishing boat. The stage has a large pool with an acrilic front view to offer a fascinating visitor experience while the animals perform underwater. The design incorporate several levels to allow for a three dimensional show that also includes Pelicans, Sea gulls and Otters. CLIENTMarine Life Experience Ltda. AREA 2500 m² More
  • BIOSPHERE RESERVE & SAFARI  ( Bahawulpur, Utah Pradesh, Pakistán)

    PROJECT Feasibility Study, Concept Plan, Master Plan, March 2007.Safari park inspired by South African Wildlife Parks. The project is based in the reintroduction of Asian Lion and the associated natural preys including Chinkara and Blackbuck. The site is a Biosphere Reserve where Asian Lions occured several hundred years ago. The overall planning uses the Biosphere Reserve concept of an untached core area and several development rings around it. CLIENTSecretary of Wildlife, Forestry and Fishery, Punjab, Pakistán / Bernard Harrison&Friends AREA 162500 acre / 65000 ha More
  • CHIANG MAI NIGHT SAFARI (Chiang Mai, Tailandia )

    PROJECT Master Plan completed October 2003. Wildlife based night attraction. The site has been selected to offer a variety of features including hills, forest, flat land and a lake. There are two separate ride experiences and one walking trail, as well as an optional elephant safari ride. CLIENTBernard Harrison & Friends Ltd. Singapore / Natural Resources & Environment Ministry and the Royal Forestry Department. AREA247 acre / 100 ha More
  • COFFEE SANCTUARY Buon Ma Thuot, Vietnam

    PROJECTConcept Plan, Feasibility Study, August 2008. Mixed development in private/state partnership, led by Mr. Vu, considered the King of Coffe at a world scale.. Located in the coffee region of Vietnam, in the mountains bordering Cambodia, the site is inside a National Park. The concept developed is a "Coffee Sanctuary", a hotspot for coffee lovers around the world. Annual festivals, will be held in a park. The program includes coffee museums, demonstrative plantations, spas and hotels. The site also offers ecotourism opportunities with waterfalls, volcanoes and pristine forests. CLIENTETrung Nguyen Coffee Group,Bernard Harrison&Friends Ltd. AREA 4000 acre / 1600 ha More
  • ACCESS COMPLEX ( Buin Zoo, Buin, Chile )

    PROYECTO Concept Design, Detailed Design, Construction Observation. 2010-2011. This new access compex for Buin Zoo is envisioned as a whole thematic area. An African village athmosphere is generated through the use of several structures with thatched roofs. The programme is varied and functional, including ticketing booths, visitor toilets, souvenir store, security, coffee shop and other visitor service areas. More
  • THE ENCHANTED FOREST Xalapa, Veracruz, México

    PROJECT Master Plan, completed December 2002. The Enchanted Forest is an interpretive trail located inside a Cloud Forest ecosystem Wildlife Reserve. The experience allows the visitors to observe free ranging animals as well as captive animals inside naturalistic exhibits divided on three interpretive zones: The Canopy, The Understory and The Marshlands. CLIENTPapalote Museo Interactivo (private museum) AREA20 acre / 8 ha More
  • AFRICAN ELEPHANT EXHIBIT (Santa Catarina, Brazil)

    PROJECT Preliminary Zonning and Feasibility Study, 2012. Private project, proposed as anew attraction for an existing thematic park. This Elaphant exhibit is the first attraction of a whole new safari park of 25 hectares. Visitors will be able to explore the site using a train, a 4x4 truck or a smaller jeep for the VIP's to adventure into the safari. The study is based on a family group of 7 Elephants, coming from Zimbabwe as part of a relocation plan. The best areas for all the program were defined after developing an analysis of the site's topography, vegetation, soils, views and urban constraints. CLIENTBCW, Santa Catarina, Brazil. AREA 17.5 acre / 7 ha More

    PROJECT Master Plan, Detailed Design 2007/2008.New Zoo for the city of Rabat. The programme includes Night Safari, Day Zoo, Adventure Park, Conference Center and related services. The thematic zones include five different African ecosystems: Desert, Mountain, Tropical Rain Forest, Savanna and Wetlands. CLIENTRoyaume du Maroc, Rabat, Morocco/Bernard Harrison&Friends Ltd. AREA 125 acre / 50 ha More
  • NIGHT SAFARI, RABAT ZOO (Rabat, Marruecos)

    PROJECT Conceptual Plan, November 2005"Night Safari India" is part of the developments for the new city of Greater Noida-a state of the art urban project one hour away from Delhi. This safari will only open at night, exhibiting a wide range of animals following four main themes: Indian Trail, Amazon Trail, Predator World and Savannas. CLIENTBernard Harrison & Friends Ltd. Singapore / Greater Noida Develpoment Authority, India AREA100 ha / 250 acre More
  • NIGTH SAFARI INDIA (Greater Noida, India)

    PROJECT Conceptual Plan, November 2005"Night Safari India" is part of the developments for the new city of Greater Noida-a state of the art urban project one hour away from Delhi. This safari will only open at night, exhibiting a wide range of animals following four main themes: Indian Trail, Amazon Trail, Predator World and Savannas. CLIENTBernard Harrison & Friends Ltd. Singapore / Greater Noida Develpoment Authority, India AREA100 ha / 250 acre More
  • ORIENTAL WONDERS ( Chengdu, Sishuan, China)

    PROJECT Master Plan, 2012.Large scale private theme park, with both wildlife and entertainment components. The design is based on an estimated attendance of 30 million visitors a year. The programe includes a day safari, a night safari, a 10.000 seat amphitheater for a massive extravaganza show, 500 residential villas, a 5 star hotel, an aquatic park, an artificial indoor sky complex, a botanical garden, a butterfly park, and several boat rides. CLIENTSANJIA Group, China / Bernard Harrison&Friends Ltd. AREA 747 acre/ 299 ha More
  • ANIMAL PARK (Livreville, Gabón)

    PROJECT Master Plan, 2012.Animal park for the Cite de la Democracy, a presidential complex in the middle of Libreville city. The site is covered by a secondary forest and and present an interesting topography with small hills.The project concept is a sofisticated animal park, with several species of large cats, Gorillas, Bongos and Mandrills. School visits will have a special entry and dedicated infrastructure.A constructed wetland will serve both as a landscape feature and a water treatment plant. CLIENTBechtel/ Bernard Harrison&Friends Ltd. AREA 125 acre/ 50 ha More

    PROJECTConcept Plan, Feasibility Study, August 2008. Private investment, developed by Victoria Falls Safari Lodge, one of the eldest and more prestigious safari lodges in Africa. The project is located near the Victoria Falls and the Zambezi River, inside a national park. The goal of this development is to lengthen the tourist stay at Victoria Falls, since most visitors just spend one night to visit the falls. The concept involves both wildlife and cultural attractives, in a mixture of safari and open natural history museum based on human evolution. CLIENTVictoria Falls Safari Lodge/Africa Albida Tourism/ Bernard Harrison&Friends Ltd. Ltd. AREA 80 acre / 32 ha More
  • TEMAIKEN (Escobar, Buenos Aires, Argentina)

    PROJECT Exhibit Scenarios Mini Master Plan, opened 2001. New private zoo, 45 minutes from Buenos Aires. Development of Exhibit Scenarios for 24 exhibits organized in three biomes: Patagonia, Tropical Rain Forest and African Savanna. CLIENTFundacion Temaiken AREA57 acre / 23 ha AREA 23 ha More
  • THE RIMBA Isla de Sentosa, Singapur

    PROJECT Master Plan, completed November 2002 (in cooperation with Ferens Pertwee Design, D. Hancock's, R. Sherman, M. Graetz and B. Harrison).The Rimba at Sentosa offers a world's first - selected wildlife experiences, a stunning themed restaurant and function rooms and specialist retail all of which are totally integrated into one product. In addition to this a completely new concept in animal display techniques will be pioneered - that of time share where diurnal and nocturnal animals share the same spatial environment but are active at different times of the day and night, thus ensuring the maximum use of exhibit space in this small but stunningly beautiful boutique zoo. CLIENTBernard Harrison & Friends Ltd. / Sentosa AREA10 acre / 4 ha More

    PROJECTMaster Plan, Schematic Design, Construction Documents, 2001. This new area of the zoo will be dedicated to present the Neotropics, using the Orinoco River as the main concept. The animal collection includes Tamarins, Marmosets, Spider Monkey, Woolly monkey, Saki monkey, Jaguar, Tapir, Capybara, Maned woolf and Flamingoes. The architectural structures are inspired by the Warao and Piaroa tribes, adding the cultural dimension to the visitor experience. CLIENT Singapore Zoo/ WRS AREA 12 Acre / 5 ha   More
  • THE WILD WORLD OF COFFEE (Dak Lak, Vietnam)

    PROJECTConcept Plan, July 2008. Private investment in public land.Located in the Vietnamese mountains where coffee grows, this project is a unprecedented safari park. The programe includes animal exhibits, botanical and cultural attractions, from each of the coffee regions of the world. Restaurantes, lodges, hotels, amphitheaters and a handicraft market complement the visitor experience. The whole planning process is based on sustainable solutions, including the use of alternative sources of energy. CLIENTTrung Nguyen Coffee Group,Bernard Harrison&Friends Ltd. AREA 2500 acre / 1000 ha More
  • TWYCROSS ZOO, PLAN CONCEPTUAL Twycross, Inglaterra

    Project Concept Plan, May 2005.The Concept Plan for Twycross Zoo organizes the renovation of the complete existing zoo, including the new land adjacent to the site that has been recently acquired.In order to solve the waste water problem, the project proposes a "wetland" that will not only clean the used water but also serve as an exhibit for marshlands and native waterfowl.The Concept Plan identifies three development phases, including a detailed program and estimated construction cost for each one. ClientBernard Harrison and Friends Ltd. / Twycross Zoo, United Kingdom Area38 ha / 95 acre More
  • XINTE REINO ANIMAL Estado de México, México

    PROJECT Detailed Master Plan completed in August 2003. Private Animal Theme Park, 20 minutes from Mexico City, including Safari, Zoo, Interactive Farm, Lake, Interpretive Trails, Convention Center, Eco-Hotels, Cabins, Camping and Fishing Area. CLIENTReino Animal S.A. de C.V. (private company) AREA429 acre / 170 ha More
  • DESERT ZONE Zoológico San Juan de Aragon, México D.F., México

    PROJECT Concept Plan, Design Development, Construction Documents and Construction Observation completed in 2006.This is a new exhibit complex located in San Juan de Aragon Zoo, Mexico City. It present the Mexican Deserts.The animal collection includes Pronghorn, Bighorn sheep, and a variety of raptors. The landscape is represented with a the typical rock geology of the region and native plants. Several cactus species, grasses, shrubs and small trees are among the plan collection. CLIENTINAUTIS / McDonald's / Direccion General de Zoologicos de la Ciudad de Mexico AREA2.5 acre / 1 ha More
  • ZOO DE GRANBY Granby, Québec, Canada

    PROJECT Concept Plan, Asia & Oceania Zones, December 2005.This Concept Plan established the general layout to remodel the west half of the existing zoo, including two major themes: Asia and Oceania.The Concept Plan defines the visitor experience through a series of ecosystems and geographical regions, including Himalayas, Bamboo Forest, Deciduous Forest, Tropical Asian Forest, Australian Grasslands and Antarctic Habitat for Penguins. The animal collection has been carefully selected to be able to present them for the most part of the year (winters in Québec can reach -30°C). CLIENTZoo de Granby / Bernard Harrison&Friends Ltd. Singapore AREA 6 ha/15 acre More
  • ZOO DE MARTINIQUE (Martinique, France)

    PROJECT Concept Plan, 2012. Private investment for a Boutique Zoo, with a partial support from the European Union.The site selected has an historical past as an indigo, sugar cane an rhum factory. It also presents an attractive natural setting with a river passing through the middle of a small and hidden valley.The plan is to exhibit neaotropical animals among these 300 year old ruins.The animal exhibits will be placed with special care in between the ruins, and will be designed based in the concepts of landscape immersion and habitat simulation. CLIENTFRANGEL Group, Guadeloupe, France. AREA 3.7 acre / 1.5 ha More
  • FRENCH GUIANA ZOO ( Caynne, French Guiana, France)

    PROJECT Concept Plan, September 2012 The French Guiana Zoo is a private project exhibiting Neotropical fauna with emphasis in native species. Located in a pristine wild landscape 25 minutes from the city of Cayenne, it presents two distinctive ecosystems: a tropical rainforest and a flooded savanna. The plan includes future expansion areas for Asia and Africa. These two future thematic zones follow the local visitor demand for exotic species. More
  • PARC DES MAMMELLES ( Guadeloupe, France)

    PROJECT Concept Plan, July 2012 The Parc des Mammelles is a unique tropical zoo. It is located in a pristine forest inside a National Park. Large ancient trees generate the perfect landscape to exhibit native species. The visitors can experience both the understory part of the forest and the canopy level. More
  • NIGHT SAFARI, RABAT ZOO (Rabat, Morocco)

    PROJECT Master Plan, 2007/2008. This Night Safari is part of the remake of the Rabat Zoo. It targets an specific visitor segment, more sofisticated than the zoo public. It pretends to become an additional revenue maker for the whole complex. The animal collection is organized around three themes: The Mountains, The Deserts, and The Wetlands. The visiotr experience incorporate a Cammel ride through hevibore exhibits, a boat ride througn the Wetlands, and several thematic restaurants. This park, only opens at night and uses a specialized lighting system that simulates moon light. More
  • FLORA NAD FAUNA THEME PARK ( Pereira, Colombia)

    PROJECT Mater Plan Audit. Shematic Design. Detailed Design. 2009-2010. This theme park is based around animal exhibits but also inlcudes educational and adventure componets. The ondulated topography of the site presents a complex task for the design solutions. The concept works around three thematic zones for the first phase: Africa, Andes and Asia. More
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