Who We Are?

aboutusPangea Consultants is a design team specializing in the planning and design of wildlife based projects

We plan and design projects which enable people to be in close touch with nature.

Among these facilities are zoos, zoological gardens, safaris, botanical gardens, arboreta, aquaria, ecotourism projects and wildlife parks.

Our services include the whole planning and design process, from site analysis, concept planning and master planning to detailed design and construction observation.

We understand the complexity of meeting and balancing the highest standards for all the "stakeholders" in the project. We aim to create fascination for visitors and a healthy environment for animals and plants while ensuring that operators, educators, keepers, managers and administrators are able to work safely and effectively.

We easily work in English, Spanish and French.

Founding Partner, Creative Director


Gustavo Collados

Landscape Architect and Landscape Ecologist

Gustavo is Principal Partner of Pangea Consultants LTD., a specialist zoo design firm. He is also an Associate at Bernard Harrison & Friends LTD. Singapore.
He has worked for more than 17 years in on feasibility studies, master planning, detailed design and construction observation for wildlife based projects. These include safaris, zoos, botanical gardens, aquariums and ecotourism developments. His work can be seen in several countries around the world including: Singapore, Thailand, Vietnam, India, China, Pakistan, Zimbabwe, Gabon, Morocco, Argentina, Mexico, Chile, Colombia, Venezuela, Martinique, French Guiana, Guadeloupe, Brazil, England and Canada.
He is fluent in English, Spanish and French.

 We have a team of consultants on the following areas:

• Planning
• Landscape Architecture
• Architecture
• Design
• Engineering
• Construction estimate cost
• Veterinary Sciences
• Biology
• Ecology
• Soundscape Design
• Lighting Design
• Interpretation